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The One Rendering Challenge: Send Us a Rendering. Tell Us a Story. Win $2,500

Following the incredible response to our first ever competition dedicated to drawings, we are thrilled to announce the sequel, coming your way this November! Hosted by Architizer in partnership with Fiverr, the One Rendering Challenge will explore the incredible power of visualizations to communicate architectural ideas, from the tiniest technical details to the most emotive, atmospheric qualities.

Once again, we’re offering $2,500 to the two designers — one student and one non-student —who are able to create the most captivating architectural rendering. Register your interest in the competition today and stay tuned for updates:

Register for the One Rendering Challenge

Your task is a simple one: Create one rendering that powerfully communicates an architectural form or space and the experience of those that would inhabit it.

Your visualization can be located anywhere in the world and be at any scale. It can take the form of a perspective, parallel projection, section, abstract or any other image format. As long as it is a computer-generated visualization that portrays part or all of a building or group of buildings, it is eligible. This should be accompanied by a short description of your proposal, no more than 150 words.

One of the most exciting features of the inaugural One Rendering Challenge is the prospect of having your visualizations reviewed by some of the most influential professionals in the ArchViz industry. The jury for the competition includes numerous leaders in the field, including:

These judges will score submissions based on a number of criteria, including technical expertise, originality and atmospheric power. The top 100 renderings will be published in the “One Rendering” eBook, to be shared with thousands of architects and the millions of design enthusiasts that comprise Architizer community.

one rendering challenge

Clockwise from top right: Cliffside Retreat by Alex Hogrefe; Villarobles – The Forest by Methanoia; Museum in the Park by Kevin Dly Architects / Kilograph; still from 200 East 59th film by DBOX

Renderings spark the imagination like nothing else in architecture. With the help of extraordinarily powerful software, visualizations form a magic bridge, taking us from drawings to completed buildings in a heartbeat. These days, almost anyone can create a rendering with an incredible degree of photorealism. But can they do even more?

The One Rendering Challenge is your chance to show us — register today for this fall’s most inspiring ideas competition. The Opening Call for Entries arrives on November 2nd!

Register for the One Rendering Challenge

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