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The One Photo Challenge: Send Us a Photo. Tell Us a Story. Win $2,500

Thanks to social media, more people than ever now consume architecture every day through their feeds. However, their attention is fleeting — with millions of architectural ideas flowing across the web, each designer has just a brief moment to make an impact.

This means one image or drawing needs to possess the power to tell a whole story on its own, in seconds. For any designer, producing a viral drawing might just kickstart their career. But what exactly makes an architectural drawing special?

Enter The One Photo Challenge.

The One Photo Challenge is open for early registration today, with submissions being accepted from March 3rd this year. With 2 grand prizes of $2,500 for students and non-students, plus rewards more to be announced, Architizer’s newest architectural ideas competition poses a simple question:

Can you capture a single photograph that tells a powerful story about architecture?

one photo challenge ema peter

Teahouse in Coal Harbour designed by Kengo Kuma & Associates and photographed by Ema Peter, Vancouver, Canada; winner of a double 2018 A+Award in the Architecture +Photography & Video category.

Your task is simple: Submit one photograph that powerfully communicates a piece of architecture and the experience of those who inhabit it. It can be located anywhere in the world and portray any style of architecture, historic to contemporary. It can show an individual detail, a whole building or an entire cityscape. As long as it portrays part or all of a building or group of buildings, it is eligible. Remember — the challenge is to tell a story with your image, so think about what narrative your photo communicates.

Fogo Island Natural Park Head Office, Santa Catarina, Mosteiros, Cape Verde, designed by OTO arquitectos; winner of a 2016 A+Award in the Photography & Video category.

This exciting competition — Architizer’s first ever dedicated solely to architectural photography — is set to be huge, with a series of influential jurors confirmed to run the rule over your drawings. The will include thought leaders from the world of architecture and photography alike, including A+Award-winners and world-renowned architectural photographers. Watch this space for updates on the jury, coming soon!

Left: Grandview Heights Aquatic Centre, Surrey, Canada, designed by HCMA Architecture + Design and photographed by Ema Peter Photography; finalist in the 2017 A+Awards. Right: Amagerforbrændingen Waste to Energy Plant, København, Denmark, designed by BIG and photographed by Aldo Amoretti Photography; winner of a double 2019 A+Award in the Architecture +Photography & Video category.

There will be two prizes of $2,500 given to the winners, as well as the chance to be published across Architizer, making your work visible to a design community of more than 4 million people!

Without further ado, register for competition updates today, and begin thinking about what type of photograph you  sifting through your best photographs to prepare your entry. The One Photo Challenge ends on August 9th!

Register for the One Photo Challenge

Top image: Memento Mori – A Peckham Hospice Carehome by Jerome Ng, Bartlett School of Architecture

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