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HOH Café // Infeel Architects


Text description provided by the architects.

The project aims to create an invisible path that stretches into the forest from the edge of the city. Conforming to the origin terrain, the path meanders freely along the sleepers and the big tree. The old container building opens through the path, and the uncertainty of the boundary permeates with surrounding environment instantly.

People, sunlight and air jointly flow in this natural place.This is a single but not monotonous space. The coffee shop is converted from old containers using the rust iron that corresponds to the original material, and the continuously extending bar completely presents the barista’s posture. The free flow of these elements give the shop a unique appearance.Through the creation of individual terrains and the creation of tiny corners, we would like to create a special walking experience like in the nature, carrying out a rich and diverse spatial experience.A path of “feeling”, extending from the street of the city.

From the moment of slipping in, the scenery along the path is the emphasis we care. Taking advantage of the subtle changes between the continuums, we make the nature becomes more plentiful.

HOH Café Gallery

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