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Future Forecast: Predictions for Interior Design Trends in 2022

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The new year is upon us and so too are the familiar January sacraments of reflection, aspiration and prediction. As we look back on the last year’s successes, we are drawn to make our assumptions on what the year ahead may hold in our lives and in our environments.

This year, the emerging trends for 2022 appear to be consistent across most platforms — an unusual occurrence in the world of interior design. Designers worldwide appear to be recognizing similar patterns in client and consumer preferences with solid and consistent narratives running through palettes, materials and form.

Overall, it goes without saying that in the last two years we have seen interior design aesthetics become bolder, brighter and braver, although this trend has been slowly emerging for some time prior to 2020. In 2022 we will likely see the culmination of this bravery in stores and inboxes as product developments reach their end phases and a flurry of exciting and unusual designs are launched across the design industry and adopted into projects throughout the first quarter of the year.


Popular culture plays a considerable role in emerging trends, and if, like the majority of the world, you’ve spent the last 20+ months absorbed in the multitude of exceptional film and television that has been released, you may have noticed a familiar aesthetic thread. On both the big and small screen, retro imagery has reigned supreme. More specifically, design from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s has dominated the backdrops and costumes of some of the most popular productions, beginning with Tarantino’s 1969 Manson-inspired “dramedy” Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in 2019.

Subsequently, in the past year, the hit Netflix series Sex Education looked to the 80s for its characters’ wardrobes and lead character Otis’ Norwegian-esque home. Likewise, the Jenna Coleman’s character in the BBC Drama The Serpent became a style icon thanks to the backward-looking inspiration of its costume department. While Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci took a deep dive into the illustrious nature of the times, and Edgar Wright’s stunning thriller, Last Night in Soho, captured the vivacious style of the era perfectly.

The prominent color pallet across this year’s decor is absolutely influenced by the 70s nostalgia; it seems that all of these references, found throughout our most-watched cinema, have had a profound impact on design choices. Last year’s Pantone color of the year, Illuminating (Pantone 13-0647 TCX), makes way for another vibrant, sunny shade: Sunflower (Pantone 16-1054 TPX). We are already seeing this orange-colored hue predominate across all areas of design. Meanwhile, the pastel eucalyptus colors of 2021 are falling out of favor. Traditional primary greens, such as Kelly Green (Pantone 16-6138 TCX), are more in tune with the bright and bold preferences of this year. Pantone’s 2022 color of the year took many people by surprise, with a bright lilac, Very Peri (Pantone 17-3938), is top choice for the upcoming year.


Materiality in 2022 looks to align with the pallet we see —bold and old. Shades of brown are most definitely back with a bang, extending to furniture preferences. Walnut and teak are set to make an even more significant comeback this year. Meanwhile, pine, ply and lighter woods — all adored by the minimalists — are expected to be less pronounced in schemes. Thankfully, natural materials will still be preferred to achieve deeper shades, and the strong laminate grains that were typical in the 70s’ are unlikely to be favored over genuine wood products (and let’s hope it stays that way!).

MANTO by Pietro Russo for Gallotti&Radice in Walnut

Texture is also set to play an important role this year. While the aggressive patterns of bygone eras may be too much for some people, simple flat colors may not be quite bold enough. Finding a happy medium, textured block colors will offer a balanced compromise that is likely to be in great demand. Carved rugs in unusual shapes and multifaceted tapestries will be hallmarks of this style heavily. 


Aside from color and texture, most notably, the materials of 2022 will explore new sustainable solutions. As we scrutinize our environmental impact, materials with natural textures and sustainable fibers will become commonplace in our interiors. An increase in newly manufactured composites made up of discarded and waste materials will not only be present in individual products but will also be found in the packaging they arrive in.

Shape and Form

Throughout 2021, sartorial trends were generally observed to have become more relaxed. It seems that suits and ties —for the most part — have seen their day, while high heels have undoubtedly made way for chic trainers. In our home lives, stress and anxiety have become rampant parts of everyday life, and so individual cries for comfort are being reflected on our person and in our homes. Comfort is king. A trend being carried forward from the latter part of 2021 is soft curves, arches and rounded silhouettes. All will be favored in 2022. Wall finishes, furniture, accessories, lighting and even layout and structural elements like doorways will all adopt a more curvaceous look and feel. 

What’s Out

Boucle – Mostly seen in white and cream, the unpracticality of this popular fabric choice would never last long.

Open floor plans – Privacy and quiet space have become more in demand than ever. We will begin to see a shift back to more traditional segmented spaces at home and in offices.

Grey – Various shades of grey have been on their way out for a while, particularly with the color enthusiasts, but this year sees even the palest of grey tones overlooked for much warmer neutrals, beiges and caramels.

Have you designed a stunning interior that deserves its time in the global spotlight? Consider entering one of the interior categories — Residential, Commercial, Educational or Transport — in Architizer’s 10th Annual A+Awards

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