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El Camarote House – Sebastián Calero Larrea // JAG Studio


Text description provided by the architects.

El Camarote is a low-cost home located on the outskirts of the city of Quito. It is located in a sector that in the mid-70s was quite rural, surrounded by narrow roads and large cornfields. Currently, the countryside and rural landscape context has radically changed due to development and misperceptions of modernity.

Thus, the project seeks to reconstruct the idea of ​​a local architecture that has gradually been erased due to the accelerated real estate growth, replaced in turn by an intrusive and serial housing typology, which has exterminated the imaginary of the countryside. The rural, imprecise and artisanal remains of the place are the great repository of ideas to experiment with a small-scale architecture linked to this vulnerable landscape.

In this residual geography an attempt is made to decode textures and colors, as well as anonymous constructions that make up a visual atlas of singularities. The result is a compact home that dialogues with local memory and materials. El Camarote, is the name that the project acquired in the course of the process, especially due to its approach to travel quarters where everything is compact, public and fluid.

The proposal is composed of two concrete platforms separated from the floor, a light wooden skeleton and a mixed skin (brick, wood, metal and glass) that, as a packaging, seals the house. This envelope hides in its interior a topography of spaces, which differentiates the public areas from the private ones.

The end result is a rustic and multifaceted object, with many surprises, that intensively dialogues with the outside through voids, openings and flows of movement. The relationship of the interior with the vegetation, and the fusion between structure, skin and space, always under the guidance of the manufacture of small details, are the main achievements of the project.

As a consequence, a great atlas of unique parts and mechanisms emerges that are an essential part of this project. These handcrafted conditions give the house an atmosphere of warmth and domesticity, very typical of a country house..

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