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Call for Entries: Submit Your Best Projects for the 8th Annual A+Awards!

The new year is here, and with it comes one of architecture’s most hotly anticipated events: The 8th Annual A+Awards is officially upon us!

The world’s largest awards program for architecture and building-products is now accepting entries, with an Early Entry Deadline set for February 14, 2020. The Final Entry Deadline is March 27, 2020; however, we encourage participants to enter before the February entry deadline for the lowest possible entry fee. Start the new decade with a bang by submitting your finest work to the definitive competition dedicated to showcasing the world’s greatest architectural achievements.

Enter the 8th Annual A+Awards

Firms and projects of all sizes and types are eligible for entry, with more than 250 A+Awards available across all architectural typologies, concept categories and building-product types. Entries are judged by hundreds of luminaries from fields as diverse as fashion, publishing, product design, real estate development and technology, reflecting the wide variety of fields that are influenced and impacted by the craft of architecture and construction.

Show Us the Future of Architecture

This year, we’re asking the question: What does the future of architecture look like? Design today must meet the demands of growing populations, rapid urbanization, and unprecedented climate crises. The 8th Annual A+Awards will celebrate architects and designers at the forefront of this effort, those who are harnessing cutting-edge approaches and technologies to face the challenges of today and to build the cities of tomorrow.

Winning projects that encapsulate forward-thinking design and showcase the most innovative concepts will be given a spotlight through special editorial coverage throughout the following year.

8th annual A+Awards

Iván Marín and his team celebrate their 2019 A+Award win at the Cultural Center at Centro Educativo de Morelia, winner of the Popular Vote in the Architecture +Brick category. Image courtesy of the architects

Make Your Whole Team Proud

Besides global recognition through Architizer, what else is on offer for A+Award recipients? For starters, every winning architectural project will be published internationally in the next edition of “The World’s Best Architecture”, a stunning, full-color compendium produced by Phaidon. This is coupled with fantastic media exposure and visibility to Architizer’s professional community of more than 7.5 million. Promotion includes a dedicated Instagram post for every winner, celebrating your work with our loyal following of 1.5 million!

To top it off, all winners receive a beautifully designed, custom-engraved A+Awards trophy, as modeled by architect Iván Marín and his team (above) and shown in detail below.

8th annual a+awards

The iconic A+Awards trophy

An Equal Chance for All to Win

The competition is truly democratic, with free voting by both the public and the jury offering up two chances to win in each category. There’s the Juror’s Choice Award, which is awarded based on votes cast by our amazing list of jurors. Then there’s the Popular Choice Award, which is open to everyone and decided by hundreds of thousands of online votes. Each of these awards gives every designer an equal opportunity to earn recognition, no matter how big or small their firm is, what type of architecture they specialize in, or where in the world they are located.

The A+Awards program constitutes one of the industry’s foremost ways of gaining wide-spread recognition for incredible design. This is your chance to give your work the spotlight, consideration, and celebration it deserves, so don’t hesitate: Register and prepare your entry for submission before February 14th, 2020 to secure your early entry discount. Best of luck from all of us at Architizer!

Enter the 8th Annual A+Awards

More information on this year’s competition along with last year’s results can be viewed here.

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