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Architizer to Celebrate the World’s Best BIM Projects in the 8th Annual A+Awards

The 8th Annual A+Awards is now open for entries, with an Early Entry Deadline of February 14th! Enter now to gain global recognition for your work, get published internationally and be considered for upcoming editorial coverage.

Now open for entries, the 8th Annual A+Awards has a special focus this year: We’re looking for projects that encapsulate the future of architecture. What this means to each entrant will undoubtedly be personal to them — relevant works may focus on resiliency, urban regeneration, modular construction, energy efficiency, or any of the above. One thing that will unite the profession in the future, though, will be the growing use of building information modeling (BIM).

BIM is already a staple of modern architectural design, promising incredible gains in efficiency and collaboration as it is adopted across disciplines. Despite this, global adoption has been slow, with many firms deterred by the technical complexity of BIM software and the daunting task of getting every consultant to work more closely together than ever before.

These challenges mean that a successful BIM project is an achievement worth celebrating. This year, Architizer is thrilled to announce a brand-new category for the A+Awards dedicated to building information modeling.

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The new Architecture +BIM Category invites submissions from architects and designers that have been involved in innovative projects delivered using BIM software. Project of all scales and typologies are eligible; the one key requirement for this category is that the project must involve the extensive and innovative use of BIM technology and demonstrate best practices in this field. The uploading of images showing the BIM model and work-in-progress photographs is encouraged.

By now, most people are familiar with the basic concept of 3-D modeling software, but because the technology is still relatively new, many fail to realize its full potential in construction applications. Using BIM to create 3-D virtualized renderings of an architectural design is, of course, a core capability; however, the real value of BIM lies in its use as a communication and information-sharing platform.

BIM isn’t a product itself; rather, it’s a family of solutions, meaning there are many different BIM developers with their own offerings, each with a unique set of pros and cons. That said, one thing that defines all BIM platforms is the blending of age-old design strategies with phenomenal new data and communication capabilities. The end result is a tool that is arguably more about project management than it is about design.

Therefore, submissions for the A+Awards Architecture +BIM category should emphasize their collaborative nature, made possible using BIM. Those that are able to demonstrate the cross-disciplinary power of BIM are most likely to be victorious. Further attributes of strong submissions could also include, but are not limited to: Complex 3D forms, innovative material applications, advanced environmental and energy efficiency studies and highly communicative drawing sets.

With so much potential value to AEC professionals and clients alike, it’s no surprise that many owners, municipalities and commercial real estate developers are now insisting that BIM be used in the projects they commission. It’s only right, then, that those at the forefront of this field are recognized, so they might inspire others to follow suit.

We can’t wait to see which pioneering firms submit projects for this key category. Submit your works for the 8th Annual A+Awards before February 14th to secure your Early Entry Discount. Good luck from the whole team at Architizer!

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